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Non standard precision parts processing, with high precision requirements
Time:2023-04-07 Read: 1098

We know that the processing of non-standard fine parts requires high accuracy, so what should be paid attention to in the process of fine processing, let us introduce to you from our editor Jin Hongyu:

The processing precision of non-standard fine parts must be processed in strict accordance with the additional drawings. The processing dimensions are all qualified parts within the allowable error range. Therefore, the requirements for processing fine parts are to be processed in strict accordance with the theoretical dimensions.

The processing of fine parts is mainly based on the size requirements. For example, what is the diameter of a square cylinder. There are strict requirements. The positive and negative errors are within the scope of the rule requirements. It is required that the positive and negative errors are also regular. For example, if the diameter of an in-line cylinder is too large and exceeds the allowable range of error, it will not be inserted. If the actual diameter is too small, it will exceed the lower limit of the allowable negative error. , It will cause the problem that the insertion is too loose and not tight.

These are all substandard products, which are to be scrapped or reprocessed, which will inevitably lead to an increase in cost. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the accuracy of non-standard fine parts processing.

We are a professional manufacturer of metal non-standard parts and components. We have accumulated many years of technology for processing ¢0.5-¢20mm stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and other fine metal parts.

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