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pre-sale service:

The company arranges sales staff with professional skills to understand the technical requirements and precision requirements of precision parts processing from customers, and then helps customers to make quotations based on engineering drawings and the company's processing strength to calculate costs with high efficiency and saving production methods ( It will be submitted before the dimensional tolerance quoted in the drawings is not met), with a view to reaching the beginning of a win-win cooperation.



On-sale service:

After confirming the cooperation intention and the completion of related business processes, the company will arrange the engineering personnel to review the drawings and prepare the process. During the implementation phase of precision parts processing, the on-site documentary staff continuously transmits the parts processing progress and quality assurance information to the sales staff (process quality control during this period). Progress and related issues ensure that the production of precision parts can be completed quickly and with quality and quantity.

After-sales service:

Since the establishment of our company, we know that every non-standard equipment part in this industry is very precious and indispensable for customers. Even if there is a lack of a product or a product is defective, it is possible Affect the operation of the entire equipment. Therefore, we regard the quality of precision parts processing as life. Because of the processing of precision parts, the professionalism is very high, and poor quality is difficult to avoid. In response to customer complaints, we will find out the cause of the problem as soon as possible, and arrange it in an efficient way to reproduce it. At the same time, we will give a reasonable improvement method to prevent the subsequent occurrence of such problems.

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