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What is precision machining?
Time:2021-07-01 Read: 1119
Fine machining is a kind of machining, which is a machining process in which the workpiece meets the position tolerance required by the drawing. When the workpiece undergoes this process, its performance characteristics and appearance structure will change to a certain extent.

With mechanical processing, there will naturally be corresponding parts. As a discipline of mechanical majors, mechanical parts design is one of the most sought-after majors for liberal arts students, and it is also one of the most representative engineering disciplines; at present, this major Not only good science and engineering knowledge is required, but also excellent drawing ability and spatial imagination ability. And due to the development of domestic industry and the changing demand from time to time, the requirements for personnel in the machining industry are also increasing from time to time. The employment rate of mechanical majors can be improved. Reach 95%.

With the development and progress of domestic industries, machining has changed a lot, and fine machining technology has also emerged. Many industries such as home appliances, automobiles, hardware, and products used in medical manufacturing more or less use fine parts. It may be just a component, or it may be a central component of a mechanical device. All in all, it is very important and plays an irreplaceable role.

There are two processes for fine mechanical processing and manufacturing of these fine parts, one is hot processing and the other is cold processing, and hot processing involves heat treatment and other methods to make the parts undergo chemical or physical changes under very warm conditions to meet the requirements of shape changes. . For cold working, there is no chemical and physical change at room temperature to meet the requirements of shape change, and cutting technology is generally used. In the future, under the premise of satisfying processing and environmental protection, fine mechanical processing will be separated from technology and become an important and sustainable science.

Can you really understand what the finely machined non-standard parts are?

Non-standard parts, I believe that the machinery manufacturing industry has the most contact and demand. Most of the specifications and parameters of the parts in the automation equipment or the jigs used in processing and inspection tools are controlled by the enterprise. Therefore, such companies will hand over the drawings of the required parts to the corresponding fine machining manufacturers for processing to meet the geometric tolerances required by the drawings.

From the above text, we can draw a vague concept. Non-standard parts are related to standard parts. It does not have the standardized structure, size, logo and drawing method like standard parts. Non-standard parts mainly The country has not set strict standard specifications, there are no relevant parameter rules, and the accessories are freely controlled by enterprises according to their own needs. Therefore, at a certain level, the processing cost is higher than the standard parts.

At present, there is no standard classification of non-standard parts. They are roughly classified into metal non-standard parts and non-metal non-standard parts according to their materials. Metal parts are the original materials of metals, such as brass, aluminum, etc., and tolerance requirements and brightness are determined by Customer rules, complicated procedures, non-metal parts, that is, the original materials are plastic, wood, stone, etc.

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