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What are the processes of sheet metal shell processing?
Time:2021-06-22 Read: 1284

With the increasing use of sheet metal shells, its processing technology has also attracted much attention. A sheet metal shell is a thin-plate hardware, that is, a part that can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching, etc., a rough definition is a part with a constant thickness during the processing process. The corresponding is castings, forgings , Machining parts, etc. So what are the sheet metal shell processing technology? Next, Jin Hongyu editor will introduce to you.

1. Cutting

There are five main cutting methods: shearing machine, punching machine, CNC cutting, laser cutting, sawing machine, etc.

1. The shearing machine is mainly used to prepare mold blanking and forming processing. The cost is low, and the general accuracy is less than 0.2, but it can only process strips or blocks with no holes and no corners.

2. Punching machine punches the unfolded flat parts into various shapes of materials. It has the characteristics of short time-consuming, high efficiency, high precision, low cost, suitable for mass consumption, and designable molds.

3. Ordinary punch processing includes punching, corner cutting, blanking, punching convex hull (bump), punching and tearing, punching, forming, etc. The processing process requires corresponding molds to complete.

4. The NC machining program must be written first, and the programming software is used to write the unfolding program that can be recognized by the NC number-drawing machine, so that it can stop punching the flat sheet of various configurations according to these programs step by step. , Its structure adopts cutting method, the cost is low, and the accuracy can reach 0.15.

5. Laser cutting is a laser cutting method. The structure of the flat plate is cut out on a large flat plate. Just like NC cutting, a laser program needs to be written. It can cut out a variety of flat parts with complex shapes. It is expensive and accurate. Is 0.1. The sawing machine is mainly used for materials such as aluminum profiles, square tubes, round bars, etc., with low cost and high processing accuracy.

Two, fitter

The fixture is mainly used for countersinking, tapping, reaming, drilling, etc. in sheet shell processing. The buried hole angle is generally 120°C for pulling rivets, 90°C for countersunk screws, and inch bottom holes for tapping.

Three, flanging

That is, the hole extraction in the flanging processing of the sheet shell is to draw a larger hole to a smaller base hole, and then tap it to increase its strength and the number of threaded rings to prevent slippage. It is suitable for The thickness of the plate is thin, and the hole circumference is normally shallow flanging, and the thickness does not change at all.

Four, pressure riveting

It is completed by hydraulic riveting machine or punching machine, riveted to the hardware to form a detachable or non-detachable joint body, as well as the rising riveting method, and the direction needs to be paid attention to.

Five, bending

Plate and shell bending is to fold the 2D plane plate into a 3D shape part. Its processing requirements include a bending machine and a corresponding bending die. The bending die has a certain bending order to form an intervening back bending. Normally press riveting first and then bend, but there are materials that will interfere with riveting after riveting. There is also a process that requires folding riveting—pressing riveting—and then folding riveting.

Six, welding

There are many processing and welding methods for metal sheet shells, but CO2 welding and argon arc welding are commonly used. CO2 welding has the advantages of high consumption efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost, and good rust resistance. It is used for welding stainless steel and aluminum plates. Deep melting, slow melting, low efficiency and high production cost.

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