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What factors are related to the accuracy of machining?
Time:2020-06-09 Read: 3003

In fact, many factors have a great relationship with parts and components, because they are closely related in the process of operation. If there is a problem, it directly affects the quality of the entire product, so it is normal to pay attention to a small detail. Let's take a look at what factors are related to the accuracy of mechanical processing?


The production of the manufacturer is related to mechanical equipment. With the help of machinery, our workload, effect and speed are much faster. Although it is said to have the help of machinery and equipment, in the face of customers, the product quality is so high. Naturally, the accuracy of the processing process is high, such as the processing of precision mechanical parts.


 When machining precision mechanical parts, digital program-controlled contour systems are widely used on milling machines, including phase systems with a wide range of process capabilities, simple and reliable, and low prices. These systems are used by many factories, especially to control large-scale Processing of three-dimensional precision mechanical parts.


Correct preparation of control programs is one of the main conditions for ensuring the processing quality of precision mechanical parts. For the digital program control phase system, the preparation of the control program is carried out by using an automatic program preparation system, the quality level of which depends largely on the price of the preparation of the control program.


The other is the processing errors generated when manually controlling the equipment. These errors include accidental errors and systematic errors of the process system. Systematic errors play a major role in all processing errors. As for the overall processing of precision mechanical parts, it will cause a series of CNC process system errors.


For example, the gap has the same consequences as the insensitive belt in the drive chain of the machine tool, but does not include the gap of the reverse drive chain; the amplification factor of the unstable drive; the phase error on the control program tape; the periodic stepping of the sensor feedback is not The main form of stability is the instability of the phase form.


I want to remind you here: if there is a problem, first we need to find the cause of the problem, so that the problem can be better solved. Otherwise, not finding the cause does not only increase the difficulty of solving the problem. If you only solve some superficial problems, the problem will definitely recur in a short period of time.

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