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We have to pay attention to the choice of CNC system!
Time:2020-06-09 Read: 1176

This technique is believed to be relatively unknown to many people, because many times, what we see is basically what we should pay attention to when processing, and what are the common problems. These are some comparisons. Surface knowledge points. In fact, during processing, every part of the equipment is very important, and it will directly affect the quality of the product. Then let's take a look at what you should pay attention to when choosing a CNC system?

First of all, it should be preliminarily screened from the matching motor type and power range. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the CNC machine tool program includes a torque motor, a linear motor, or an electric spindle that is a synchronous electric spindle or an asynchronous electric spindle, the rated current demand and overload current demand of the above motor, and the speed demand of the electric spindle.


Five-axis machine tools need to determine whether five-axis linkage or only require five-sided machining, and the corresponding selection of CNC system functions is also different. For example, for five-sided box processing, RTCP is usually not needed, and the choice is relatively large. At the same time, the export licenses, after-sales service, etc. of CNC system suppliers that may involve CNC system functions must also be seriously considered.


CNC machine tools introduced by mechanical processing plants, especially large and heavy CNC machine tools, have full closed loop and dual drive requirements. In the full-closed-loop control scheme, it is necessary to choose between the distance-coded grating and the ordinary incremental grating, and the CNC system must also support the corresponding feedback signal access.


CNC system network support becomes a necessary condition for the integration of production systems. For CNC machine tools to be included in a highly automated production system, it must be clear that the CNC system has a corresponding access solution, including low-level direct access to the PLC input and output points To the built-in OPC server of the CNC system, the internal data of the CNC system is opened to users according to the OPC standard; in addition to the production system, automated online workpiece detection and tool detection are also functions that must be supported.

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