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Processing method of sheet metal case shell
Time:2023-04-07 Read: 1167

The processing methods of sheet metal chassis are: non-mold processing and mold processing. Although their processing procedures are similar, there are still some differences, which can be divided into the following points:

1. The design department designs the pictures of the parts for sheet metal processing according to the requirements, and displays them one by one in 3D, which is convenient for the processing department to process and fully demonstrates the detailed structure of the sheet metal parts.

2. Cutting and processing the pictures of the parts issued. The cutting method is very good. The details can be divided into: cutting machine cutting, punching cutting, CNC cutting, etc.;

3. Sheet metal forming processing: It is mainly to stop bending and stretching the sheet metal. The processing order of bending is the priority processing from the inside to the outside, from small to large, first folding special conditions and then folding ordinary shapes.

4. The welding should be strong, and a bump should be made on the welding surface during welding, so that it can touch the surface of the plate during welding, and the welding time and pressure should be ensured during welding.

5. Pay attention to the direction when pressing riveting. The sheet metal can be riveted by punching or hydraulic riveting machine.

6. Appearance disposal: According to the customer's requirements, a maintenance film is plated on the surface of the sheet metal to increase the adhesion of the baking paint. After the automatic operation of the laser cutting machine, the sheet metal processing technology is further modified, and the unmanned operation is completed. , Which not only saves manpower cost, but also greatly improves consumption efficiency and consumption quantity, which will play a significant role in the future development of sheet metal.

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