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Parts processing operators must know a few common knowledge points!
Time:2020-06-09 Read: 1124

This is of course very important, because if an operator makes a mistake in an operation, it will definitely affect the quality of the product, so the details above are very important, then let’s take a look at the part processing operation What are some common knowledge points that you must know?

1. Ensure that the cutting performance of the tool is stable and reliable

The cutting performance and life of the tool must be stable and reliable. When machining with a CNC machine tool, the tool is periodically forced to change the tool or the tool life is managed by the control system. The cutting performance and the tool of the same batch of CNC tools must not be significantly different and should be avoided. Frequent shutdowns to replace knives or cause a lot of scrapped workpieces.

2. Ensure the long service life of the tool

The cutter should have a long life, and the coated cutter with high cutting performance and high wear resistanhere are many types of CNC tools and more complicated management. Both automatic identification of all tools, memory of their specifications, storage location, cutting time and remaining life, etc., and the replacement of tools , Transportation, tool size presetting, etc.

8. Compile a complete tool information system

With complete tool assembly, familiar with machine tool presetting, coding identification and identification system.

9. Monitor tool status at all times

Establish online monitoring system for tool wear and breakage.

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