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The development of cemented carbide industry in China towards precision
Time:2020-06-05 Read: 1059

In metal machinery manufacturing, cutting is the most basic and reliable precision machining method, and plays an important role in various modern industrial sectors such as machinery, motors, and electronics. According to statistics, the labor of cutting processing accounts for about 30-40% of the total labor of machinery manufacturing, and about 70% of various parts need to be cut with tools. The latest history of cutting technology development is the history of tool material development. The new tool material can greatly improve the cutting yield, improve the processing accuracy, the surface quality of the processing and expand the processing field, reduce the consumption of the tool, and obtain huge economic benefits. New tool materials play a huge role in promoting the development of machinery manufacturing. Therefore, the development, promotion and use of new materials is one of the important contents of the new technology revolution in the field of machinery manufacturing.

    Cemented carbide is an emerging tool material. Because of its high hardness, wear resistance and compressive strength, it has less messy chemical properties, excellent resistance to adhesion and heat resistance, etc. The cutting efficiency is 5-10 times that of high-speed steel tools, and can process high-hardness data that high-speed steel tools cannot process, so there is a large proportion in the tool data. The use of cemented carbide rotary blades and delaminated cemented carbide blades uses the cemented carbide industry to lose weight twice. The most effective weight loss products are developed. Cemented carbide is not an indispensable material for ancient superstition technology and industrial development.

    Today, the main trends in the development of the world's cemented carbide industry: First, in order to meet the needs of modern scientific and technological development, to develop in the direction of precision, since the 1970s, in modern machining, cemented carbide for cutting tools The dimensional accuracy requirements of cutting inserts have improved significantly. Therefore, cemented carbide manufacturers continue to improve the accuracy of their products. For example, in some developed countries, the accuracy grade of U grade cemented carbide has been eliminated. The dimensional accuracy of many cemented carbide molds has reached the micron level, and even some have reached the ultra-micro-meter level. Secondly, in order to adapt to the requirements of producing precision products, the production technology and equipment of excellence are constantly improved. The introduction of hot isostatic pressing technology in the field of cemented carbide production in the late 1960s and the spray drying technology transplanted into the field of cemented carbide production in the 1970s have made the cemented carbide production process a big step forward. In recent years, low-pressure hot isostatic pressing cleaning equipment and processes have made the density of cemented carbide products close to the theoretical value, up to 99.999%, which has significantly improved the quality of products. The third is to improve the processing efficiency and adapt to the requirements of new automated machine tools, developed some new cemented carbide, such as ultra-fine refined cemented carbide, gradient cemented carbide, dual-phase cemented carbide, self-lubricating cemented carbide, nano-level Hard alloy, super hard coating hard alloy, etc. At the same time, the production of cemented carbide is developing towards the matching of deep processing tools.

    Although the consumption of cemented carbide in my country is an emerging industry that started only after the shackles were lifted, it has developed rapidly, especially after the reform and opening-up. At present, the best weight loss product in my country's cemented carbide Taobao-the most effective output has been in the forefront of the world, the brand and model of the product are also relatively complete, and the quality of many products has reached the international advanced level, and the output value and profits and taxes have steadily increased. There are still many titles in the cemented carbide industry in Xiaguo. The second is that the technology and equipment of the slimming products with the best consumer technology and industrial effects are generally still in the 60-70s; the technical development ability is not strong. The development of advanced technology in the world; the quality of production does not fluctuate, the types are incomplete, the product structure is unreasonable, and the degree of deepening is low. In the cutting blades of Xiaguo metal, the development of indexable blades has been slow, and has been hovering around 20% for many years. The prosperous country has reached more than 80%. In addition, the coated blades in the indexable blades have reached 60% in the prosperous country, but only 5% in the next country. Many international machinery manufacturers are still using a small amount of export blades, such as automotive tools, train wheel processing tools, etc.

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